Martin Spott wrote:
Boris Koenig wrote:

yes, right - I did change exactly that yesterday ... there are some
other smaller changes, we'll upload a fixed set of files by tomorrow.

Would you mind trying to compile with a recent version of GCC before
you post new files ? I'm using 3.4.2 on Solaris and I have the
impression that that one is pretty picky. If you tell me it 'survives'
compiling with 3.4.2 on Linux it simplifies determining which changes
are specifically necessary for Solaris,

Hmm, the latest version that I have access to locally is: "gcc (GCC) 3.3" - and actually, I wasn't going to recompile GCC ;-)

I am not sure where exactly the TNL (lib) is incompatible with Solaris,
but I guess that can only be fixed directly within the lib itself ...

So, maybe you can resolve some issues by directly trying to build
the STANDARD package from - possibly, there's even some
info available specific to Solaris.

The sources itself should actually not be too non-standard, John simply
used the shipped opentnl examples to put a basic test framework
together, so there's not even that much 'new' code ...

Actually, pretty much all of it is simply derived from those examples.

Let's see if the official version builds on Solaris or where exactly it fails.

---------- Boris

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