Curtis L. Olson writes
> > 
> These last couple weeks and months I've been getting hammered at work 
> and at home.  I've got a large and growing number of to-reply-to emails 
> in my inbox.  My hope is that someday I'll get caught up, but I'm not 
> sure how that will ever happen. :-(  The stuff that takes the most time 
> and thought to reply to is unfortunately the stuff that sits in my inbox 
> the longest.

He he ... got home yesterday from a 3 day conference  and had
more then 1000 emails piled up.  Thankfully most of them are
posts to projects I feel I have to monitor for changes that would
be incompatable with various other projects and I can scan them
quicky but .... 

I still sometimes wonder if those that post well meaning but uninformed 
suggestions have any idea ......

I have the latest sources and this weekend I will try to find sometime
to look into the hires rendering glitch, but no promises :-)



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