Hi all!

I've not touched the new submodel.*xx sources yet because I want your opinion 
on how I should implement it into the other configurable systems.

The existing configurable systems are the pitot, static, and vacuum systems. 
These are configured in one configuration file defaulting to 
Aircraft/Generic/generic-systems.xml. I would like to include the 
configuration of submodels in this file also, since submodels might be 
classified as systems.

The submodel is coded somewhat differently from the other systems (pitot, 
static and vacuum). The submodel class uses a vector of submodels to create 
several submodels. The other systems only have one system in it's class. The 
system manager (system_mgr.*xx) creates object instances of the system 
classes. So for the submodel one object instance is created and it contains 
all submodels, and for the others zero or more object instances are created.

I am inclined to modify submodel.*xx to "behave" like the other systems, and 
to move the configuration of them from a separate file and into the systems 
configuration file. I can think of a few good reasons for doing this:

* It makes sense to use the same philosophy for the systems. The 
instrumentation also uses this philosophy.
* Fewer configuration files.
* The submodels will become independent so you could for example make one not 
serviceable (jammed guns).

If nobody has any objections I will of course go ahead and implement these 
changes as I have described.

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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