I have had little luck finding aviation weblogs (they're all about
rants about politics, hype about technology, or complaints about
teenagers' social lives), so a couple of weeks ago, I decided to start
my own.  So far, it's heavy on content on light on good looks, so it's
probably a fair reflection of its author.

If anyone here is interesting in taking a look, there are two ways to
get at it.  The best way to read it (or any weblog) is to add the RSS
syndication URL to your desktop or online blog reader:


That way, whenever there's a new posting, the headline and summary
will appear automatically.  If you don't have a blog reader or you
prefer the old bookmark-and-click approach, you can find a listing of
the weblog entries here:


The title, "Land and Hold Short", refers to a common operation at busy
airports where planes are using intersecting runways: a plane that's
landing (usually a small one) has to agree to come to a complete stop
before the intersection so that the other (often a big one) can land
or takeoff at the same time.  The title also represents the ideal of
blog writing -- land a good idea, and keep it short.  Unfortunately,
I'm not really accomplishing that yet (especially the short part), but
I'm practicing.

I plan on posting an entry about FlightGear once I'm getting enough
hits to make the publicity worthwhile.

All the best,



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