David Megginson wrote:
I have had little luck finding aviation weblogs (they're all about
rants about politics,

...how would you then call the following: http://www.megginson.com/blogs/lahso/medicals.html ?


(just kidding)

BTW: talking of healthy presidents: Pres. Bush Senior did even do a
parachute jump on his birthday this year, he talked about that on
Larry King Live, whereas Larry King himself wasn't allowed to jump
because of his health condition...

hype about technology, or complaints about
teenagers' social lives),

I am sure you could attract some readers here by talking about the time when _you_ were a teenager ;-)

so a couple of weeks ago, I decided to start
my own.  So far, it's heavy on content on light on good looks, so it's
probably a fair reflection of its author.

lol, if you add some of that sort of humor to your weblog, you'll certainly be able to maintain a steadily increasing reader community ;-)

It's just a couple of weeks ago that I stumbled across a weblog on
xsquawkbox.net, because of the IVAO/VATSIM discussion here on the list,
that particular blog is maintained by the author of the X-Plane
application that interfaces with IVATO/VATSIM networks - while his blog
was definitely political, too - it did make for some amusing reading :-)

If anyone here is interesting in taking a look, there are two ways to
get at it.  The best way to read it (or any weblog) is to add the RSS
syndication URL to your desktop or online blog reader:


I've noticed that you've provided this kind of "tutorial" on your webpage, too - how about also recommending one or two decent RSS feed- readers ? :-)

(Haven't yet used that functionality much myself)

Anyway, some of this makes really for some good reading:


So, if you intend to maintain that type of contents you could
certainly attract some interested readers, I think.

Probably not only for real pilots, but some of this would certainly
also be interesting for the flying FG community.

Also, you mentioned somewhere that you'd have collected some links
with "rules of thumb", how about providing some of these links in
one of your future blogs ?

And if I were you, I really wouldn't worry all that much about the
layout/design part: I didn't have any problems whatsoever reading
(all) pages - so it cannot be that bad ;-)


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