> I'm afraid, you cannot expect people to purchase new hardware for an
> open source game to work ;-)

Is new hardware really necessary?

The reason I brought the OpenRT topic up again is that (as far as I 
understand) it can run on most people's desktop.

Checking the 777's page: http://graphics.cs.uni-sb.de/MassiveRT/boeing777.html
It says: Currently, we use a *single AMD Opteron 1.8GHz CPU*. The machine is a 
dual-CPU. We currently get around 1-3 frames per second at 640x480 pixels on 
that setup, depending on the actual view. Some simple views run even faster, 
the 1-3 fps correspond to the images as shown above.

Now, if it can render a 350 million polygons model using a CPU that is slower 
than mine, then it should be able to handle FlightGear with ease.


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