I repost this to the list because Dave Culp raised the problem

Erik Hofman wrote:
>Frederic Bouvier wrote:
>> Hi Erik,
>> David Culp wrote :
>>> Just downloaded a fresh CVS FlightGear and found that the AI code is
>>> causing segfaults now.  I'll recompile and run it through gdb.  In the
>>> mean time beware that some aircraft that set up AI scenarios by
>>> default, like the T-38 or the hunter-2tanks, are crashing the sim.
>> I think I found the problem in props.hxx. I have an exception when
>> copying properties. An alias to a property that has no value trigger
>> this exception.
>I've commented out the offending line for now. I think the problem is
>that GRawValueMethods doesn't expose it's <type> to the tie() function.
>We don't lose much with this line disabled and it give some more time to
>look at the problem.

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