Thanks Arnt. Responses inline.

Other gents, have time to look into my questions in my previous email and help me out?

One question, if I have already know one point's (lat, lon, alt), how can I calculate a right position to draw it? I know it needs to be updated as the scenery center is being changed...I did some investigation but I have to say I messed up something. Can anyone give me a clarification on what procedures I should the way I showed in my previous email correct?

> Hi, > > I am trying to show the trajectory the aircraft just flied when start > replaying. Is there anybody who had ever done that? Klog?  ' apt-get install klog ', if you use debian sid,
otherwise see .

> Or could you give me some ideas about the solution?

..preliminary idea: Ethy Brito asked for help investigating a helicopter
crash using FG, if you _are_ doing what I think you are doing, chk out

and help us qualify FlightGear as an air crash investigation tool, your
trajectory code ideas are spot on what we need, if they are anywhere
near what I think they are.  :-)

..updated protocol handler for FG:

[QingRou] I saw Erik's email. Sounds like in the coming release we can have such functionality: save your flight to a file with the data need to be stored in FGReplayData (Sim_time, FDM and Ctrls). Then read this file back and replay the flight. This is useful especially for the instructors to show the students how a successful/bad flight is. Also it can be used to save students' flight and give scores. 2 hours Dolphin SA365 real life flight data for FG calibration:

..bonus extensions could be placing choppers or airplanes rather your
lines or dots along the trajectory trail,

[QingRou] Yes with my "point" (spot) solution, you can change the loading 3D model to anything you want and then you can see the model showed along the trajectory. I had ever done that to show a rocket along the flight path!

maybe showing red wireframe
orientations etc "according to the black box recordings", and green,
blue, yellow etc wireframe orientations "according to the black box
recordings filtered thru the yasim, JSBSim, UIUC etc flight dynamics
models" to help understand the recordings and say, help identify
instrument errors disturbing the black box recordings.

[QingRou] Yeah...actually what I am doing is, read the record data from Flight Data Recorder (black box), and refine the data to some format, then input into the replay system of FlightGear. All the flight recorded by the FDR can be replayed. In a flight school, this can be used for the instructors to review the flight with the student and give some comments to his operation.

..Ethy? You're still around?

-- vennlig hilsen = with Kind Regards from Arnt... ;-)
...with a number of polar bear hunters in his ancestry...
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