Melchior FRANZ wrote:

> > I'd dislike seeing a really long discussion (which I'd been following)
> with a
> > reply at the bottom - forcing me to change panes and scroll down rather
> than simply
> > viewing sequential emails in the preview window (with the new content at
> the beginning of
> > the email).
> Yes, that would be annoying. But why would someone post duplicates of
> long discussions to begin with? The *thread* is where the discussion
> takes place. There's no need to regurgitate the whole thread in each
> reply. Only stuff that one directly refers to is to be quoted, and
> piece by piece, not the whole digest at once. The message should look
> like a dialog (A said, B says, A said, B says, ...)
>    Trying to educate people is like fighting against windmills, though.
> The vast majority of internet users don't know the rules (how could
> they?) or don't care. I have more sympathy for the former.  :-)

Rule 1: No rules :-)


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