Paul Surgeon wrote:
When I fired up FlightGear a week ago I noticed that the textures looked very dry and brown to me. I thought San Francisco would be a lot greener and reckoned it was just the guys who created the textures.

Tonight I was thinking of making some greener looking grass textures for the airports however when I did some searching around USA on Terraserver looking at colour photos (not B&W) I saw that USA looks dry everywhere including places like Georgia, Washington DC and Chicago. I've yet to find a nice green photo.
Do the aerial photo, surveyor guys pick the dry seasons to do all their work in or is USA really as dry as it appears on Terraserver?

Seems a little odd to me and I'm curious. :)

Is it that important at all ?

I mean, it's like Erik said: usually the green areas aren't even
green most of the time ... so, essentially "green" imagery wouldn't
be suitable for other seasons anymore ...

Unless of course one intends to apply some basic color-based

Of course, having colorful imagery in the first place would
theoretically enable you to try to approximate the color-changes
per season based on the simulator settings, and possibly also
country-/region specific profiles - maybe even based on contributing
factors such as the relative position of rivers/lakes in the
proximity ;-)

One would then need to tell FlightGear in what season an image
has been created, so that it can generalize spring, summer, fall
and winter settings by deriving corresponding changes in color strength,
and -density ...

sounds a bit like rocket-science, doesn't it ? ;-)


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