Jon Stockill wrote:

> I've looked these up in a reasonably current (Jan 04) and an older (June 
> 92) En Route Supplement. In the list below "Accurate" means the lat/lon 
> are within 1 minute of the reference. Unlisted means they don't appear 
> in either edition. "Unchecked" means the position isn't listed, but the 
> facility contact details are, so it's still active.

I think I have an explanation that makes sense: The "Pre 1973 stations"
table doesn't list airfields, these are weather stations. According to

the "WBAN" number is an international identification for weather
stations. The "CALL" sign is only given when the station is situated at
an airfield. Hey, at least this gives us (me) a reference for ICAO
codes of disused airfields that aren't listed anywhere else - like my
favourite one ....  :-)

Thanks, Jon,
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