Hi Andy !

Thanks for answering my Nasal inquiry several weeks ago,
regardless of your "vacation" - Hope you've had a good
time in Japan ;-)

Andy Ross wrote:
I'm honestly looking for something to get me back into FlightGear
development.  I can do the YASim integration if you guys have an
interface ready for the "ground velocity" and "arrestor wire position"

Personally, I would find it VERY useful if Nasal could run recursively, respectively with several contexts: I am now at a point, where timers simply won't work anymore for every case, and some other things that I wanted to do, like dynamically updatable GUI controls would also be easier to implement if there was a way to use a callback mechanism with Nasal or at least if I were able to call Nasal Nasal code from within Nasal scripts.

I did look into your code, but to be honest: the odds to get it done
seem to be  A LOT better if you tell me what would be involved, I simply
lack the understanding of how exactly you implemented all this.

So I really don't know how long it might take to get that done.

But even if you shouldn't decide to take care of that within the near
future, I'd like to get some feedback about the feasibility of making
Nasal run with multiple contexts, so that I can assess whether it makes
sense to really dig into it or not.


--------- Boris

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