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On Fri, 29 Oct 2004 23:50:01 +0200, Florian wrote in message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
I dont need a specific bird. The user should be able to steer easily
but still using his muscles. It should be sports after all. The
simulation is merely a motivation.

..get evil; model say a Gossamer Condor or whatever these pedal powered
Channel crossing planes were called, _truthfully_, including the pedal
power to power the sim computer at 300 - 450W or whatever it was.  ;-)

that sounds certainly like a lot of fun - I remember an expo some time ago where you were allowed to (try to) power a bulb, fan, radio or even TV by using merely pedal power ...

Nobody managed to get the TV working, though :-)

YES, it would propably be very interesting to meet a confused pigeon
at FL350 :-)

lol. :) I consider the confused pigeon to be the logo for the software.. ;)

..make it sweaty. ;-)

...at that altitude that sounds a bit nasty, or does it have anti-icing equipment onboard ? ;-)

...of course Erik's penguin could possibly be able to deal with the
icing part, on the other hand how do get it up to FL350 - probably
only by dropping it from something like FL1000 ? :-)

At least we wouldn't have to care for the (lack of) lift anymore, I
think a penguin's body would probably make for a good illustration of
the lifted wing body concept ;-)


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