On Saturday, 30 October 2004 07:20, Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> It does represent a large amount of work and a large amount of thought,
> and it is attempting to solve a non-trivial task, so it has grown to be
> fairly complex.  What specific changes or purpose were you angling towards?
> Curt.

I'm coding an OpenGL WYSIWYG taxiway app where you can draw taxiways by just 
creating lines and bending and adding nodes.
This will allow me to generate taxiways with directional textures, rounded 
corners, taxiway markings right onto the runway, hold short markings, etc.
Also one can do a fly-over view of the built and textured airport to see what 
it will look like in FG without having to go through the whole Terror Gear 

I was initially going to use/modify genairports but I'm going to end up doing 
so much of the polygon work in my app that I may as well do a rewrite.
In fact I may turn it into a genairports replacement later on.

It may take a while and I'm just playing around so don't hold your breath.  :)

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