* Matthew Law -- Saturday 30 October 2004 02:49:
> I'm trying to model some simple aircraft for use as 'airfield furniture'
> in Blender.  I have some 3-views to use but I can't find a sensible way
> of having them available in Blender to use as a guide.

o Create a new "screen". (There's a 'combo box' next to the menu that says
  "SCR: screen.001". Select ADD NEW there and call it "4 view" or something.

o then split your 3D view into 4 parts (right click on the borders & "split")

o make one the top view, one the side, one the front view, and the fourth
  a "free" view

o in each of the fixed screens select "View/Background Image..." and
  select the respective image. You may have to rescale and move in Gimp
  so that their reference point (origin) agrees.

o in the border-right-click context menu disable the menus ("No header")
  of the three fixed views

  Example: http://members.aon.at/mfranz/blender-4view.jpeg  [119 kB]

> If possible, I'd like to texture some cubes with each of the 3-views and
> be able to see the texture in Blender as I model. 

Could be possible by actually texturing a cube in a different scene, and
display it in your editing scene. Unfortunately, I forgot how to do that.


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