On Mittwoch 17 November 2004 10:29, Martin Spott wrote:
> Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> > It isn't anywhere in the scenery yet -- just in cvs. You have to add
> > it yourself, or replace the saratoga with it. I added this in file
> > $FG_ROOT/Scenery/Terrain/w130n30/w123n37/942057.stg:
> >
> > OBJECT_SHARED Models/Geometry/Nimitz/nimitz.ac -122.590 37.76 -7.0 90
> Thanks, Melchior. This has a funny effect here: After starting FG, I
> see the BO105 sitting _below_ the flight deck right on the water
> surface. After hitting 'Reset' in the 'File' menu, the BO105 gets
> placed properly on the flight deck (man, what a small bird, what a
> large carrier ....),
It is thought to work with the ai configuration Vivian was talking about.
That means you need to apply the carrier-data.diff from


as well as put the nimitz_demo.xml into the Data/AI/ directory.
But then, YASim's physics cannot yet 'see' the carrier deck. Changing YASim 
and the others to see the ground cache is one of the next steps.

You will only be able to taxi on the carrier's deck with that 
JSBSim-dropin.tar.gz from the same ftp location.



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