On Thursday 18 November 2004 21:03, Martin Spott wrote:
> Lee Elliott wrote:
> > um, yes - the TSR-2 probably isn't the best a/c for carrier
> > stuff.  The FDM needs really an overhaul because the
> > take-off performance isn't right - it currently lifts off at
> > a lower speed if reheat isn't used :( - and it was designed
> > to have a good stol performance, [...]
> It was designed for ....  ?? ....  STOL performance ? _These_
> small wings !? Oh man, I must have missed a lesson  ;-))
> Martin.

Yeah - and rough strips too.  I believe the STO was achieved by 
extending the nose gear strut to increase the initial AoA.  Not 
only would this provide more lift over the wings, it would also 
result in a useful down-thrust component from the engines, 
especially when afterburning was used.

I also believe the main gear was designed to tolerate less than 
perfect strips.

Don't know for sure but a braking parachute might have been 
planned too.


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