On Mittwoch 17 November 2004 11:29, Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> I applied all the stuff and it worked very well. My first carrier landing
> with the FA-18A succeeded already. The gear code is great! It's fun to
> taxi over slopes and actually see the aircraft follow them, rather than
> strangely sliding up with the nose gear below ground. And the FA-18 is
> very well done and has a nice cockpit with nice night lighting.
> The only problems I've encountered:
> * not really surprisingly, the carrier doesn't replay in replay mode.
>   When I watched my landing in replay, the carrier had already moved
>   along. Tricky to fix.
I observed that too.
From my point of view, do one by one ...
But help is allways welcome :)

> * I observed one segfault that I hadn't seen before. The bt, however,
> didn't look like it had anything to do with the new code. I haven't saved
> the core file but will do so if I run into that problem again.
If you see that again, could you please try to find out where that happens?

> Now I hope that I will soon be able to land the bo105 realistically
> on slight slopes ...
Stay tuned :)



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