Hi Everybody,

The last couple of months have been extremely busy for me, so there wasn't 
much time left for FlightGear. But during the last week or so I managed to 
tweak my local copy of FlightGear so that the traffic manager controlled 
aircraft's behavior is extended in significant ways. To list some of the 
changes, A.I. traffic can now:

- Be initialized while on the ground and remain parked until the scheduled 
time for take-off.
- instead of disappearing at the end of a flight, load a new flight plan and 
wait in parking position until the next scheduled departure time. 
- communicate back to the traffic manager which aircraft have been deleted 
from the AIModels manager. 

The last part of the code would allow for flights that have gone out of user 
range to be deleted and recreated when necessary. I'm not using the latter 
part of the code though.

I haven't submitted the new code yet, because I'd like to test it a little 
more. Hopefully I'll get it out sometime this week. 

Next, I'm thinking about creating some more traffic in and out of KSFO. 
Although there is no realistic aircraft parking yet, having some traffic 
moving at KSFO makes the area a lot more interesting.


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