David Megginson wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 18:40:53 -0000, Vivian Meazza

> No, it's just a matter of stability.  We don't want FlightGear
> releases to have to depend on prerelease CVS versions of plib, so we
> have to wait until the next plib official release.

I'm not convinced that this actually is the point. FlightGear has a
history of depending on a moving PLIB CVS target - Curt has 'convinced'
Steve Baker more than once to issue a PLIB release right before the
next FlightGear release. My "custom patched versions of plib"-package
is far more stable than PLIB CVS trees that have been mandantory many
times in the past - it even carries a time stamp  :-)

> [...] By the way, are
> you certain now that the crease patch is in the plib CVS?

This is the key point: PLIB folks ("core developers") typically don't
feel much urge to commit a patch that they didn't invent themselves or
that servers their own purpose. Steve decided that he didn't have much
use for Mathias' patch so no one actually bothered to commit,

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