On Tuesday, 30 November 2004 23:04, Arnt Karlsen wrote:
> ..or, which video cards can , and, can not use these extensions?
> (I can use that info now, I'm looking for a new card now.)

Anything from the Geforce 256 era and up support most of the DXTC/S3TC texture 
compression formats whether it be ATI or nVidia.
The Geforce 256 only supports the most important 3 of the 5 texture 
compression formats. There are 5 formats in total but only DXT1, DXT3 and 
DXT5 are implemented and supported in most cases. There is little interest in 
DXT2 and DXT4 which are premultiplied alpha formats.

This extension is written against the OpenGL 1.2.1 specification.

It is impossible to run most of the newer games nowdays with a card that does 
not support texture compression. All the big titles like FS2004, Doom3, 
Unreal Tournament 2003 rely heavily on texture compression.

S3's texture compression scheme (S3TC) was licensed to Microsoft who 
incorporated it into DirectX. It is referred to as DXTC compression in 
Direct3D but S3TC in OpenGL.


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