> Why your own FDM? Don't get me wrong - I think there are a lot of 
> reasons why someone would want to write their own FDM. One reason is 
> because it's fun (OK, I'm wierd :-)  But, if your being driven to 
> write your own because one of the others is lacking something or there 
> is some other cause, I'd be interested to hear it, for the purpose of 
> possibly making improvements.

Well, I guess it's just that I'm weird just as well.  :-)  Another
reason is that, of course, ours is commercial and we *need* complete
control over SW development and documentation.

I made the experience that the actual development of the FDM *itself*
takes up just a minor part of my time, the major parts is consumed by
tedious jobs like interfacing with the rest of our systems, with external
systems like FlightGear, trying to figure out stupid API documentation
of major OS vendors etc...

Whereas the actual core of the FDM, the computation of the three force
and moment coefficients, is just a couple of lines each.

Note BTW that much of my stuff (which is not directly flight simulation
related) goes into my cpp-lib project.  This may well be of interest for
FG as well.

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