It was my plan to use third parties open source solutions. If you know good projects feel free to send me the links. thx :)

Cu, Floh

RENNUIT Antoine 203220 Thésard wrote:
I don't know if that could help you, but all you want to do (streaming,
collision detection...) already exists in open source projects, you just
have to integrate them into FG (which is still however a great deal of
work). If you think it is interesting, I can supply you with links to these

I need for my thesis a working and powerful network system in flight gear. This may go so far that you can transfer a video and audio stream with it. So you could see and talk with the persons u play online.
I also need a function that shows somekind of arrow on the HUD that shows in the direction of another player.

And I need a working collision system. And if I still have time a force feedback system.

Im willing to implement these things into flightgear and thought to myself, that I could contribute to the project by adding them later to the general cvs.

Is this ok for you developers ? If you have tips about where and how to implement these things, I`m open to suggestions.

Cu, Floh

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