On 12/14/04 at 11:06 AM Chris Metzler wrote:

>Hi.  So, I recently got a chance to pick this back up.  In principle,
>everything is finished:  I have a set of signs which are designed
>as per the U.S. FAA regs (FAA AC-150-5340-18C, Standards for Airport
>Sign Systems, and FAA AC-150-5345-44G, Specification for Taxiway and
>Runway Signs).
>I also have a script for generating .stg file entries.  Features:
>- can read in airport data in either apt.dat or runways.dat format.
>- will generate sign placements either for a single airport, a list
>of airports (a list of ICAOs in a file), every airport in apt.dat
>or runways.dat (but not heliports or seaplane bases), or every
>airport in apt.dat that has the "has runway distance remaining signs"
>flag set.
>- can place signs using any of the three layout methods given by
>the FAA regs.
>- makes sure that there are no signs placed on top of intersecting or
>nearby runways or taxiways.  Specifically, it makes sure that no signs
>are placed within 50' of any other runway/taxiway at the airport.  It
>attempts to adjust the positioning of a sign to avoid such a conflict,
>omitting the sign entirely if it'd have to be moved by more than 50'
>along the runway length, as per the FAA regs.
>I'd like to contribute this to FlightGear -- I think they'd make a
>nice addition to the scenery at the airports where it'd be appropriate
>to have them.  However, I'm stuck on one thing that I'm hoping those
>who build scenery will advise:  what's the best way to write this stuff
>out?  Is the best option to:
>- have the script determine the tile numbers, go to the .stg files, and
>insert the sign entries directly?
>- have the script create an "installation" script, into which the sign
>entries are embedded (e.g. as a here document); such a script could also
>have a removal option, to take the signs back out?
>- do things monolithically, or by airport (could be lots of files if
>doing all relevant airports)?
>To be of most use to the project, how should this script write its info?

Now that we have the 'has distance remaining signs flag' for each runway in
the data, I think that your script should be run by genapts during future
scenery regeneration, and get put into the Terragear cvs IMHO.  As an
interim measure for users, I guess inserting directly into the stg files
would work.  It sounds like you can do this anyway based on the first part
of your mail.

Cheers - Dave

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