On Thursday 16 December 2004 10:38, Thomas Förster wrote:
> Am Mittwoch 15 Dezember 2004 14:48 schrieb Oliver C.:
> > On Wednesday 15 December 2004 07:35, Paul Surgeon wrote:
> > > I hope we either drop PUI (plib's UI) or at least do a major upgrade to
> > > it. We use PUI in the menus at the moment and in my opinion the widgets
> > > look absolutely GHASTLY.
> >
> > What could we use instead of PUI?
> > What gui library uses OpenGL?
> For integration with existing desktops it's possibly best to use their
> native libs. QT for example provides an OpenGL widget, so all of the gui
> (menu, dialogs) could be native QT Widgets.
> Also if the sim runs in the context of a GUI it will be easy to switch
> between them at startup, i.e. 'fgfs --gui-gnome' runs a GTK based GUI,
> whereas 'fgfs --gui-qt' runs a qt based one.
> Don't know about possible performance issues, though. :-(

Using native none OpenGL GUI APIs for a in game menu ist not a good idea,
this might be acceptable for a remote display menu but not for a in game menu.
The reason is, that openGL GUIs allow to display the menu in game in front of 
the 3d scenery that's not possible with none openGL Guis because 
you need to switch from OpenGL to a 2d mode to display them.
This is mainly a comfort, performance and usability issue.

The other reason is, QT is not free on MS windows systems (only the X-Window 
version is under GPL) and GTK does offer OpenGL support only with an addional 
GTK OpenGL library which depends on 3 other gtk related librarys for OpenGL 
support, the next problem is that the OpenGL Window runs on top of the GTK 
window and not the other way.
Using QT and win32 for each plattform makes no sense, we need
a GUI API that is crossplattform compatible and runs directly in a OpenGL 
Gigi the library Dave proposed could do that job.

Best Regards,
 Oliver C.

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