* Thomas Frster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2004-12-17 10:20]:
> So giving the user a choice is probably the best way to go, i.e. using a 
> QT-based one on Linux, a native Windows GUI on Windows, no GUI at all in a 
> real simulator setting.

IMHO, there would be just as much work involved in creating a native
user interface for each platform (Remember there are many, many
variations on platform and toolkit that FG runs on...).  The one
strength of PUI is that it is GL based.  If flightgear is running, it's
safe to say that the user has OpenGL :-)

Personally, I'd prefer to see a nice OpenGL based GUI like some of the
other simulators and, dare I say it, games.  With this method you can
throw out native look and feel and just have a very nice looking
functional user interface that works on any platform with OpenGL

All the best,


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