On December 14, 2004 08:05 am, Ironhell3 . wrote:
> > I believe that flightgear is a great game....

I don't know about anyone else but FlightGear doesn't really sit with me as a 
'game' at all.

It is a Simulation and there is a big distinction in that.

Indeed, most simulations that take themselves even half-way seriously avoid 
the term 'game' altogether. It would possibly even be misleading to the 
potential user to involve the word game as for a non-simulation enthusiast, 
FG would probably be neither 'fun' nor entertaining.

On Wednesday 15 December 2004 00:02, Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:

>What would you think about the following options:
>- Learn to Fly
>- Quick Flight
>- Scenario Flight
>- Configuration or Settings
>- Quit

I'd prefer terminology like that - (no refernces to 'video game' etc ;) )

Of course, I would wan't an option to invoke fgfs *without* any such menus 
appearing or menu-subsystems being loaded ;)

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