Durk Talsma writes:

> I haven't implimented taxiway routing yet, so right now, each aircraft taxies 
> straight from the gate to the active runway. I bet you can guess what my next 
> logical move will be. :-)

Hi Durk,

Take a flight at KEMT with the ai-traffic turned on.  There's some taxying 
going on there.

There are some good bits and some bad bits in my taxying code.  The in-memory 
storage of a node-arc network, and the routine to find a shortest path between 
any two nodes is probably quite reasonable (now there's a hostage to fortune 
;-)), and possibly worth you using.  The code to supply the network from 
FGGround to the AI plane, and the code for the AI plane to follow it, is really 
quite hideous, and probably still has a few potential blow-ups in it.  It 
really needs re-writing from scratch.  Note how the plane 'wiggles' a bit as it 
passes each node - I guess I ought to read up on my control theory.

Anyway, at this point we definately need to start co-operating, since we're 
going to need the same file format and editing tools for both of our AI 
traffic, else users are going to suffer.  The file format I used was never 
meant to be permament BTW - just a one-off quick hack to get the KEMT 
proof-of-concept up and running.  Do you have any firm convictions in this area 

I think that the time has probably come for the AI systems to merge IMHO.  I 
think that probably the best thing to do is for me to instantiate my models 
through the Dave Culp system, since his model code is much better than mine I 
think.  Then I can add ATC-AI interaction in my own bit, and anything we both 
need (such as taxying) can go in the AI-models (Culp) code to be used by both 
of us from one bit of code.  This will require the AI-models code API to be 
extended so I can instantiate and control the models programatically.  I 
believe Erik has some plans to make sure all models can be distributed 
logically between multiple and networked clients as well - it can only help if 
all AI systems use the same model tree in that respect.  Any objections?  I'll 
take a look anyway and see how much damage I'd need to do to merge.

Cheers - Dave

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