On Monday 03 January 2005 00:23, Jon Stockill wrote:
> I have a hangar model in blender which is using 2 texture files. It all
> appears correctly in blender, but when exported only 1 of the texture
> files is referenced in the ac3d file. Has anyone seen this before? Is it
> something I'm doing wrong, or is there a problem with using multiple
> textures when exporting to other file formats?

From the blender AC3D export script:

Known issues:<br>
    Models textured with more than one image do not work -- for the
moment you can separate them in Blender such that each mesh only has one
image assigned (also see notes below);<br>
    The exporter is slow for large meshes -- faster code was written for the
TuxKart (http://tuxkart.sf.net, wiki at http://netpanzer.berlios.de/tuxkart)
game exporter and will be integrated on a future version of this exporter.

    There is a version of this script, by Ingo Ruhnke, that accepts meshes 
more than one texture image assigned, check TuxKart's wiki.

I've also noticed that the export script does not seem to handle double/single 
sided faces correctly. Everything becomes single sided.

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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