Martin Spott wrote:
Erik Hofman wrote:

Update of /var/cvs/FlightGear-0.9/data/Models/Weather
In directory baron:/tmp/cvs-serv28318/Models/Weather

Added Files: rain.rgb rain.xml Log Message:
Add a basic model for rain. Test w. the pc-7

This looks quite interesting but I realize that this might result in a
bigger task because rain looks very different depending on where your
viewpoint is (inside/outside) and at which speed you are cruising.
Your model matches the "rain while sitting on the runway, waiting for
clearance" situation. Rain during flight in a small four-seater looks
like the screen steaming up combined with heavy clouds which a changing
weighting depending on your cruise speed.

Well, this will only cover a part of the rain problem. But I noticed there is a huge difference in appearance with different frame rates. It looks as expected on my O2 but it's totally screwed on my PC. :-(


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