Erik Hofman wrote:
Martin Spott wrote:

Martin Spott wrote:

Unfortunately I don't have a clear idea on where to look at in order to
find out if it works correctly ....
Well, I'll rebuild SimGear and FlightGear and I'll see later,

It works for me (on IRIX) and I don't see any artefacts so far, but I don't see any framerate improvement neither. Should I - or which improvement does the patch bring to FlightGear ?

It should fix the "see panel through fuselage" problem. At best it doesn't affect frame rate, normally I would expect it to decrease slightly.

Is there a fix yet for "see runway through instruments" which happens on the B1900D and dhc2F?

Just noticed a typo on the dhc2F too - It's listed as "Dehavallind Beaver"

Jon Stockill

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