On 1/5/05 at 4:17 PM Martin Spott wrote:

>Jon Stockill wrote:
>> Curtis L. Olson wrote:
>>> I've never noticed any holes in the instrument panels of either of 
>>> these.  How about the Citation-II that looks good here too, but is by 
>>> the same author ... (?)
>> I'll try it when I get home, and grab some screenshots.
>The DHC2 looks good now:
>  http://document.ihg.uni-duisburg.de/bitmap/FGFS/DHC2_01.jpg

Wow, is that what it's meant to look like?  Most of the instruments are
holes through to the runway on the dhc2, the b1900d and the Citation for me
on both Cygwin/ATI and Linux/NVidia OS/hardware combinations.  I'd always
assumed they were works-in-progress.  FWIW, they all spew a few 'no element
found' and 'not well-formed' messages as well - I wonder if that's related
to the problem?

Cheers - Dave

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