"Curtis L. Olson" writes:

> David Luff wrote:

> >Wow, is that what it's meant to look like?  Most of the instruments are
> >holes through to the runway on the dhc2, the b1900d and the Citation for me
> >on both Cygwin/ATI and Linux/NVidia OS/hardware combinations.  I'd always
> >assumed they were works-in-progress.  FWIW, they all spew a few 'no element
> >found' and 'not well-formed' messages as well - I wonder if that's related
> >to the problem?
> >  
> >
> What version of plib are you running?  I'm running 1.8.3 (latest 
> release) here and have never noticed any problems with any of the 
> versions of these aircraft.  (They are really well done by the way.)

Latest CVS.

Forget the error messages I mentioned BTW - they were caused by an unrelated 
local issue.

Cheers - Dave

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