Dave Martin wrote:
I've just tried out your objects - specifically the hangars at Church Fenton.

I think they may need fixing....

.....after a 450kt knife-edge low pass between them in the Hunter http://www.cyfinity.com/fgfs/lowpass.jpg (sorry couldn't resist) ;-)

Seriously, the hangars look great - the door runners are very good in the flesh. This is the sort of building, also, which is semi-generic (at MOD and EX-MOD airfields) in the UK so it should help with populating more airfields.

Yes, they do need fixing - I can see terrain through the furthest hangar where you're looking through the mesh of the door runners. Anyone know how to fix this? Is it just an object ordering problem?

It is a standard design, but you tend to get different designs of office block tagged onto the front of them - it may be possible to model those seperately and just place them properly in the scenery. I (or my cadets) will be adding them to various airfields over the coming weeks. I've got a T2 hangar in progress too, and I need to resurrect my control tower model.

Jon Stockill

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