Paul Surgeon wrote:

> Probably to first step is to write the code/scripts to load the vector data 
> into a PostgreSQL/PostGIS DB and write an exporter for terragear so that Curt 
> can carry on generating scenery without having to modify terragear.

The tools to not only import VMAP0 data but GSHHS shorelines as well
into a PostGIS database are already present. I think you also can use
these tools to export back into VMAP0 or any other format. A 'native'
OpenGIS/PostGIS interface in TerraGear would be 'smarter', though  ;-)

> I played with some of the terrgear tools yesterday but unfortunately they 
> just 
> spit out raw shape data without the associated names, descriptions, etc. 
> which are required in maps.

I assume the raw data that is available for most of the world simply
doesn't contain the details you are looking for. In order to get stret
names and other gimmicks you want to have a look at the TIGER data
that's available for the US,

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