Curt wrote:

> I did another round with google adds today and here's what I've come up
> with which seems (to me) like it could work out.
> 1. No adds at all on the main/front page of our site.  Adds only on the
> subpages.
> 2. I've had mixed results filtering out MSFS stuff, but that's mostly
> because there is a lot of it.  I think if I continue to add sites to the
> filter rules, I can get most of them.
> 3. I'd like to leave the adds running for a couple days on a trial
> basis.  If the consensus is that they are just too annoying or
> inapropriate we can take them down.

They seem most acceptable to me, apart from the MSFS stuff; let's hope that
we can now generate a little cash flow.



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