On Monday 17 January 2005 14:41, Innis Cunningham wrote:
> Hi Durk
>   Durk Talsma writes
> >Well, I guess every open source project has it's own way of doing things.
> >Curt's announcement of a new planned release flagged the start of a
> > feature freeze period, but it also coincided with a rare opportunity for
> > me to do some development work. So  I decided not to submit any of my
> > work until after
> >the release.
> Does this mean we are not going to get the fixed AI in this release?.

Hi Innis,

No worries mate (as I picked up while I was down under last year) :-)

I did submit the bugfix, just not the new features. 

Btw, could some of the windows people let us know if the traffic manager now 
works? to activate you need to set traffic manager/enabled and (iirc) 
ai/enabled to true in preferences. (But you can ignore my commented out 

   <enabled type="bool">true</enabled>
   <level type="int">1</level>

     <enabled type="bool">true</enabled>

   <enabled type="bool">true</enabled>
   <!-- scenario>nimitz_demo</scenario -->
   <!-- <scenario>aircraft_demo</scenario> -->

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