Chris Metzler wrote:

Cool. The one thing I'd recommend is including info about development
status (at the very least, the one-word status that's used in the
--min-status command line switch). Without it, there will be users
d'l'ing a plane with great enthusiasm only to be disappointed to find
that it's in alpha with no panel and no real FDM, etc.

Ok, I've add that. So here is a request for help:

In addition to the <status> tag, I also support a <author> and <version> tags. It would be great if people could go through and fill in these fields as they can. Also, I'm happy to take thumbnail.jpg (171x128 pxls) submissions for any planes that don't have them. If you are the author of a plane and someone already sent in a thumbnail for your aircraft, feel free to supercede the original submission with an official thumbnail for your aircraft.



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