> Does anyone know if there is something similar in JSBSim?  It seems that the
> spoilers there are only symmetric, so are useful for landing, but not for in
> flight use?
> -- Adam

It hasn't been done, yet - I was just discussing this offline with someone. Let 
me say
that, yes, it certainly CAN be done, without question. At one time years ago I 
certain aerodynamic aspects of a military aircraft and great pains were taken 
to model
similar things, and other much smaller effects.

The effect cannot be modeled without some thought, though. Remember that JSBSim 
aerodynamic forces and moments using aerodynamic coefficients and stability 
By calculations, empirical data, flight test data, etc. one can usually 
determine the
total (symmetric) effects of spoilers which will generally be:

1) effect on lift
2) effect on drag
3) effect on pitching moment

If the spoilers are deployed asymmetrically, the effects are wider:

1) effect on lift
2) effect on drag
3) effect on pitching moment
4) roll
5) yaw
6) side force

... all six axes ...

If we can determine the symmetric case, we can figure out the asymmetric case.


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