Am Montag 17 Januar 2005 17:50 schrieb Jim Wilson:
> Having just hit it unintentionally, I'm wondering if the replay key should
> be bound to a combo key (a Ctrl+key) or Fxx key?  It has pretty dramatic
> and sudden effect.   Making it the "r" binding not very good UI design
> (unless one is doing more replays than flying).
> For some reason I thought "r" was reverser.  It'd be nice to have "r" and
> "R" for thrust reverser on/off,  which is a binding that is as fundamental
> for the jet aircraft as the brake keys or magnetos are for the others.
> If there is consensus on this one change (not a discussion of the entire
> layout again please :-)) then I can commit a change or wait for post
> release. It seems that this as a non-critical UI-bug.

IIRC, there is a keyboard.xml in $FG_ROOT where you can define the key 
bindings of FG. So no code change should be necessary.


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