Paul Surgeon wrote:

How would I model for instance the ECAM switching on an A340 at the moment?
The switches are located on the center pedestal but the displays are on the center panel. Would I have to add them to the properties tree?
How do I control the logic of those switches? If there is a failure I must be able to override those switch settings and display the failure without changing the position of the switch. Then the pilot must be able to acknowledge and override (yet again) those failures on the display.
How do I tell the PFD or ND to display the ECAM screens? (This can be done on real Airbus aircraft)
How do I close solenoid X if switch A is in postion Z but hydraulic pressure is between 1000 and 1500 psi and there is a failure on the blue hydraulic system?
FlightGear cannot and should not ever have to handle all these aircraft operating procedures.

I'm not convinced FlightGear cannot handle all this already (or requiring just a couple of small changes). But I agree that this will be a huge task.


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