Hi all ... I see someone else is having problems with the B1900D.
It was my first attempt at a yasim aircraft ... and I still cant get it to fly right !
I dont know about the counter rotating props ... it was a LOT of guess work. So if someone can find a cure for it or give me specs , I'll be happy to attempt to fix it . ( It is a long way from being finished).
I did read somewhere that it had a wing incidence of about +3.5 at the root and -1 at the tip , but it crashes the program every time I try to implement it .
Im currently fixing the panel for plib 1.8.4 , should be able to send an update tonight.
Im afraid Ive tweaked the FDm to the point where it crashes FGFS AND FGRUN :) ... so I'll leave that out .Cheers

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