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Dave Martin wrote:
> I think I misworded that a bit. I was meaning the 'one liner' that is
> often added to the GPL copyright notice which includes the originating
> Author's name.
> > one line to give the program's name and an idea of what it does.
> > Copyright (C) yyyy  name of author
> I was always under the impression that was the notice to remain intact?

Yes, that's exactly right.  But a lot of packages these days go out
with a file with a name like CREDITS that lists who did what.  For
example, the FlightGear source distribution comes with a file called
"Thanks" that lists various people and what they've contributed.
That file is fair game under the GPL; if someone redistributing FG
wanted to edit it to say different things about who did what, the
GPL does not restrict that.  Of course, their new claims would
be flatly contradicted by the original; and if they're continuing
to obey the GPL, then their redistribution should contain or point
to the original where people can see the truth about the credits.
But most people won't go and look.


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