On January 19, 2005 12:02 pm, Martin Spott wrote:
> Probably he'd prefer to do some fine-tuning until the original has its
> maiden flight in april  :-)
> Martin.
You read my mind. =)

As far as development goes, all Innis and I have right now is the FDM Model 
and the exterior 3D Model.

What we really need right now is a make shift FCS in Nasal that does the 
* take pilot's inputs, process them, calculate the desire roll-rate, then take 
steps to achieve the desire roll-rate.
* prevent the aircraft from going outside its flight envelope.

I have done some experiments in this area on the c182, but I have nothing 
productive so far.

On our list are also:
* basic instruments
* a 3D model for the cockpit

If anybody feels that they want to take a shot at the cockpit, just give us a 
word. =)


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