> Let me steer this discussion in another direction ...
> I would really love to start talking about doing a v1.0 release of
> FlightGear ... maybe this spring or early summer.  There are a couple
> 3. Fix the JSBsim low speed gear jitters.  Here's my one and only *big*
> gripe about JSBsim ... gear handling when stopped.  At some point we
> *must* solve that problem and make the gear stick, stay put, not jitter,
> and not swing into the wind when the aircraft is stopped.  YAsim figured
> out a (pragmatically) reasonable way to do it, so it must be possible.
> It would be really, really, really, really, *really* great if we could
> get that one problem cleared up in the near future.

I hear you. Coincidentally, I was thinking of this last night: what do we 
(JSBSim) need to
do before we finally call it a production 1.0 release? The gear problem is the 
first thing
I thought of, as well. Right now I am so focused on getting the new 
configuration file
format ready I had not had time to visit (or revisit) other problems. I also 
recall that
Mathias has worked on this with (as I recall) a lot of success.


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