The Mac OS X build of FlightGear 0.9.8, as available from <http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/macflightgear/FlightGear-0.9.8.dmg? download>, contains a file called 'How to Get to Heaven.rtf', at the root level (beside the OpenAL installer package and the FlightGear application directory), with bible quotes and essentially religious proselytizing. Here's a screenshot of the Mac OS X Finder window for the FlightGear-09.8 disk image:

<<inline: fg098.jpg>>

Attached, you'll find a copy of the 'How to Get to Heaven.rtf' file itself:

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Is it really a good idea to have essentially religious propaganda shipped in the semi-official build of FlightGear for Mac OS X? In particular, I find this somewhat perplexing, considering the amount of discussion regarding commercial advertisements placed on the FlightGear web site - and those ads would at least have been a) somewhat relevant to FlightGear, and b) brought in some revenue to support the FlightGear effort itself, whereas this religious message has neither been discussed (to my recollection), nor does it have anything to do with flight simulators in general or FlightGear in particular, nor does it in any way support the project.

Or to put is more succinctly: when I downloaded FlightGear and got an unwelcome religious pamphlet thrown in my face, I got a seriously bad taste in my mouth.

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// Christian Brunschen
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