I had installed flight gear 0.9.6, and i was playng around with optins.
In Network panel, i had checked httpd and jpg-httpd on diferent ports,
but when i try to start flightgear an error occurs:

Config file parse error: E:/Program Files/FlightGear/data/system.fgfsrc '--jpg_h

i had uninstaled and reinstalled  angian FG but i can't uncheck
jpg_httpd..then i had uninstalled and then searched and  deleted al
files that i found related to FG, i had scaned the registers and
delete eneithing... and then i had installed 0.9.8 but the problem

I sent this mail to devel list becose seems to be a bug.

I'm runing XP pro.. on AMD XP 1800+ with 256Mb ram.. & Linux Slackware
10 an tha same machine  (i didn't tryed this "bug" in linux, i was
afraid to ruin that FG copy to ;) ).


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