"Curtis L. Olson" wrote:
> This is kind of off today's topic, but I have an unrelated question.

Nice intro !  ;-)

> Working in 2d space, given 3 points, I know how to compute a circle 
> (center/radius) that passes through those three points.  Now I need to 
> compute the direction of curvature of the 3 points.  In other words, 
> moving from the 1st point through the second point to the 3rd point, is 
> the direction of the circle clockwise (curving right) or counter 
> clockwise (curving left.)

What do you think about this solution: Take vector a) from 1) to 2),
vector b) from 2) to 3) Compute the angle in 2) running from a) to b)
If the angle below 180 degree, then the circle runs clockwise,

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