Stewart Andreason wrote:
Oh! (smack) So the menus are Not Supposed to work (yet)

Pardon me, that wording was too general in an attempt to be funny.

I Have been having trouble with... a few parts of the menu that I'm
attempting to use most frequently.

File.Reset  does not fully reset some of the time;
 after View.Replay, it resets to the beginning of the replay location
 after crashing, bo105 still is unflyable
 and Sometimes, c172 won't even return to the airport,
 or I may end up on the runway upside down,
 or started oriented upward with an initial velocity, thereby
catapulted off the runway with the engine off

Location.Airport on the ground
 is wonderful, but don't select this unless you're never crashed.

I've had my attitude indicator on the panel get stuck 30 degrees off
level, and Debug.Reload Panel  doesn't reset it. Something else perhaps
is... broken as a feature? Once again, Reset doesn't fix it.

 Really Nice 'dialog box', but setting the boxes and numeric fields
does not turn on the autopilot. neither does pressing ctrl-a,h,s,t...
I finally found it turns on if I click on the AP button, in the c172

I believe Melchoir said to take care of my aircraft, and, when I'm not
trying to duplicate something "interesting"..., I do try! :D

Just call me 'attention to detail' Stewart

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