On 21/01/2005 at 20:04 Durk Talsma wrote:

>So time permitting I wouldn't mind having a stab at porting (some of) your

>code to interact with the AIModel system, it that is okay with you. As I 
>mentioned yesterday, the taxiway code comes to mind. This approach might 
>actually be mutually benificial, if this would free up some time for you
>work on taxidraw. Eventually, we need data for the AI system, such as, 
>taxiways and parkings/gates and taxidraw would be an ideal tool for that.
>me know what you think.

Yes, in principle that's fine by me.  I'd like to keep the ATC system
itself in it's own directory, but I'm happy for a significant portion, or
possibly all of, the AI code to move over, and for you to 'take ownership'
of it.  I'm not sure how far you want to go in moving it over - some of the
stuff is very AI/ATC interaction specific, such as the logic to fly
circuits, respond to ATC instructions, and alter the circuit pattern in
response to the user position (in theory anyway - one of the little
blighters on downwind the other day was instructed by ATC to follow me in
whilst I was about 2 mile final on straight-in.  At about 1 mile final he
cut in front of me, and caused me to get told to go around after taking a
shade too long to clear the runway!).  I'll have a mull over it this w/e
and have a think about where a good cut-off point might be, and what API
the AIModel code will need to expose to allow the 'intelligent AI' to
continue to do what it does if left in the AI/ATC branch.

Certainly, taxiing and 3D model creation and management would be good
candidates for moving over to AIModels initially, leaving the heuristic GA
generator and the circuit-flying/tower control interaction portions in the
AI/ATC for now.  The AIModel code would need to expose an API for the
heuristic generator to call to generate appropriate traffic, and another
API for the 'intelligent-flying' code to have sufficient control of the

Cheers - Dave 

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